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Ngunawal Artists

Creating art & sharing culture 🎨🖤

Acknowledgment of Country 🖤

Jazz and Kristal live and work on Ngarrindjeri Country, they’d like to pay their respects to Elders past, present and emerging! 

Alyenik Ngarrindjeri ruwi

Ya:ral-inti towun, nginti ngul-ildal Ngarrindjeri meli

This here is Ngarrindjeri land

When you tread, you should think of the Ngarrindjeri people 👣🖤


Wilay Designs is made up of Jazz and Kristal Matthews. They're Aboriginal artists and sisters currently living in South Australia.  

Everything they create are original works of art inspired by their Ngunawal culture as share by their family and by the gorgeous Ngarrindjeri land in which they live on. 

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September 19th- 25th is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. 💚💚

We have decided as our way to help raise awareness and funds we have started a fundraiser which is linked in our bio. 

Throughout the month of September Jazz will be walking 350km, knowing that each step is important in helping raise much needed funds and awareness. 

As some of you may know, we lost our beautiful lil Bro to this terrible disease so this holds special importance to us. This is our way of helping other families in a similar situation like ours. 😔✊🏼💕

Please donate if you can (every bit helps), and share around our fundraiser to your family and friends.

We will also be releasing limited prints and donating all the proceeds to the fundraiser. 

Thanks so much! 

Jazz & Kristal 💚

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“Our Mob 2021” exhibition starts tomorrow!! 

It is held at the Adelaide Festival Centre from the 1st- 30th of September. 

We are proud to be amongst other South Australian Aboriginal Artists to have our art on display and available to purchase at @adelaidefescent 

If you get a chance, definitely pop in and check out ours and all the other beautiful artworks. 🖤🎨🖌🖼

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A couple up close shots of a recent commision piece I did, will upload the full artwork next week 🎨 

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-Kristal 🖤
This painting depicts my beautiful Ngunawal Country. The river that flows through this artwork is vital for our survival, and for the survival of the animals on Country. There are kangaroo, emu and Goanna tracks. All travelling to the water, which sustains them. The earthy tones represent the ground on which we walk and the native plants that we use for food, to heal and to nourish ourselves and our family 🧡🎨


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This painting is a commission piece for a business that is centred around mental health which truly means a lot to us both. 
The companies vision: 
“Creating communities where everyone’s mental health and wellbeing flourishes”. 💛

This artwork is inspired by my Ngunawal Country, sharing the landscape and importance with health. 🙏🏼🍃

Together on Country

This painting represents the importance for us all to stop, be in nature and to come together to have a yarn. The middle section is a meeting place because when we come together it helps us to stay strong and feel recharged. Around this meeting place represents my beautiful Ngunawal Country, the mountains, rivers, lakes and the animals travelling on Country. 
Together we can help our physical, mental and all over health. 🖤


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✨ Small Business Love ✨

If you have a small business comment down below & what you do 🖤🎨

Also tag some of your fav businesses. Follow each other to show your support! 👌🏼🥰⬇️ 

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Gugubara (Kookaburra)- 

When in nature it’s important to walk thoughtfully, feeling, breathing and taking in your surrounding. Gugubara are special with their recognisable, joyful laugh. This painting represents listening to the beautiful gugubara speaking and flying through the big trees. 🥰🍃🖤


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Checking in ✨

How is everyone doing? 

We hope you're doing good, but just a reminder that it's okay not to be okay 🖤

There’s a lot going on that’s challenging so if you need a friendly chat, our messages are always open. 

Sending love & strength to you all 🙏🏼
Here’s an ocean inspired painting 🌊🎨


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